Why You Need a Meeting Room Booking System

Large amounts of information and fast pace are what characterizes the work environment in today’s organizations. The average employee attends 62 meetings monthly in the United States, according to Atlassian. This equates to about 31 hours spent in meetings per month. No wonder meeting rooms are usually booked up. Moreover, employees typically feel that 50% of the meetings are useless.

The statistics do not make for good reading. The good thing is that there are numerous ways to improve the quality of meetings. Besides measures such as preparing the participants in good time and setting an explicit agenda, a meeting room manager system could add massive value to your organization.

Key Benefits of a Meeting Room Booking System

Some clients have offered us valuable insight about which issues they encounter at their occupation. I will list four big headaches in this article when it comes to meeting room use and moreover, how a room booking application can tackle these problems.

  1. Interruptions During Meetings and in Work

Hot-desking offices and open-plan are so popular, and the trend does not look it is about to decline. However, having these types of workspaces also requires access to alternative room resources such as tiny group or meeting rooms. Workers in open-plan offices are easily distracted with many interruptions. Hence, it is imperative to have different places available where employees could shut the door and concentrate for some time.

So, how can a meeting room booking system let you do your job uninterrupted? Customers usually tell us that one of their vital buying criteria is that room booking displays have to be easy to understand, for everybody. Meetio Room is probably the most natural room signage on the market. It mirrors the classic traffic light system which, I presume, you are familiar with. These tablets are installed outside the rooms and indicate how long a room is occupied or available.

  1. The Stress of Booking Rooms for Spontaneous Meetings

Many organizations have some meeting room booking system linked with their email client. The issue with this is that many people find it annoying when it comes to unsolicited meetings. You ought to plan for all your meetings days or weeks before they occur. Usually, people take an empty room, take a seat and begin their discussions. Suddenly a colleague bangs on the door, informing you that the place is booked. This can be annoying for the meeting members.

Meetio Room visualizes the digital room calendar and connects to your existing booking system. So, you do not have to availability of the room in the email client. The tablet outside every room shows this. It is incredibly easy to book a place for an unplanned meeting with Meetio Room. Just head to an available room and tap two times on the green screen to book the room.


To sum everything up, the availability of rooms could be quite stressful and may lower the productivity of your workplace. However, it does not have to be like that with the technology that is available on the market.

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