All You Need To Know About Email Tracking

The worst-case scenario when it comes to sending a message via email is if an urgent email does not reach as intended to. The most likely situation is that the message remains queued in the outbox for longer than expected. Or it goes straight into the spam box of the receiver. Or worse off, it does not get sent at all. The implications of undelivered messages have adverse effects as it is a break of the communication channel. You may miss out on a job opportunity or lose one at the same time. Or delay on a long-awaited message by the recipient. But that is no longer an issue you have to deal with thanks to email tracking.

What Is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is a method which monitors the delivery channel to make sure that all messages are received promptly. Today, there are quite several advanced versions of software that are compatible with Gmail and other email platforms. Most of these versions are engineered to present a time-stamped delivery notes that indicate the exact time the receiver got the message. Additionally, you also get to be notified when they opened the email when they clicked on a link or when they viewed an attachment. First, of, the email tracking software attaches an invincible image pixel to your email that can dictate the exact time and date the recipient opened the email.

Benefits Of Using Email Tracking

  1. Gives you Insight On Recipient Interactions To Your Emails

Considering now that can find out if an email you sent someone has been received and read, you get more insight on who to keep in the loop and who not to. In addition to that, you also get to know what kind of email formats, types, and designs that appeal best to your recipients. This insight helps you gauge what sort of information or kind of messages your recipients prefer. In turn, this gives you an upper hand into scheming your emails in a similar way that your target audience may click into.

  1. Saves You Time And Resources

Email tracking goes a long way into saving you on time and other resources. It saves you time as you can only send follow-up emails to only the people who opened the first email. It also gives you a timeline that you can also make follow up phone calls to your recipients. Considering now you know that they have opened your email. This tramples the traditionally done cold calls that worked on the assumption that the recipients have read your email. This, in turn, saves you money and utilizes your workforce.

  1. Helps You Schedule Your Emailing

Considering you can now see who is reading your proposal with Email tracking, you are in a better position to create a schedule to do follow-ups. It is true you might not dictate precisely the time your recipient will open the email. But you will have an estimate as to the time range. But it will depend on the time zones and the availability of the receiver. You, therefore, are able to create a tailor-made schedule for your clients.

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