MegaBox and ShowBox – Which One Is Better?

MegaBox vs ShowBox has been the eternal debate. There are movie lovers across the world that prefers one over the other. However if you are looking for a movie app that towers over the other then you definitely need to try out MegaBox. There are a number of features where MegaBox is better than ShowBox. Apart from having amazing features, MegaBox has outclassed ShowBox with a number of tweaks in the interface. Here is a look at a few of the features and how the two apps compare against each other.


Friendly Interface

MegaBox is said to have the best interface because of the way the movies are organized. Normally when you use an app for the first time, it seems very clustered. This makes it difficult to go ahead and get used to the app and this will even discourage you from using it in future. With MegaBox that is not the case at all. The interface of MegaBox is one of the best that you will ever see.

The movies are categorized as per genre and even sorted in descending order. This means that all the latest releases are at the top and you will not have to struggle to see which the latest movies in each genre are. You can even mark your favorite movies and choose to watch them later at your convenience. This will help you same time the next time you are on the app. With ShowBox there is no such bifurcation and the app looks clustered. For any first time user it is very difficult to go ahead and adjust to the app immediately.

Multiple Platforms

These days the debate between Android and iOS is heating up and people are not really sure which one to go for. Irrespective of the platform you choose MegaBox will still be functional for you. This is not the case with ShowBox. It is only available for Android users and this can be a problem for people that have switched to the iOS platform. MegaBox will ensure that you have movies to watch on your phone irrespective of which phone you use and how often you keep switching. MegaBox is known to be the best when it comes to versatility and efficiency.

The app is updated on a regular basis so that there are no bugs and no virus attacks on your device. This is what makes MegaBox the best in the market. This app even comes with an offline mode. With this mode, you can save on your data usage. This means that you can download a movie on your wifi connection. Then you can save it in offline mode. When you are out of the house or on the road, you can go to your offline folder and watch the downloaded movie. This method will not take up any of your mobile data.

Movie Listings

With MegaBox you will get the largest collection of online movies. When you normally opt for any other movie app such as ShowBox the number of movies is very limited. This is because ShowBox does not update the app regularly with movies. With the help of the MegaBox you will be able to watch movies from any era and you can be assured that the print of each of the movies will be top class. You will never have to sacrifice your movie experience just because a movie is over fifty years old.

With the help of MegaBox you will even be able to make sure that you watch the same movie over and over again. With sites like ShowBox, watching the same movies over and over again ruins the quality of the movie. This is similar to watching movies on a rented DVD that has been rented far too many times. With MegaBox you will not face any such problems. You will even be able to request for movies that are not present on the app. This is something that you will not find with ShowBox. The requested movie will be added to the app within 48 hours and even earlier in a few instances.

Server Strength

This is one of the most obvious advantages of MegaBox over ShowBox. When you watch movies on ShowBox you will notice that the movies take longer to buffer. Over a period of time, you will hate watching movies that keep pausing every ten seconds. This can get very frustrating and the whole movie going experience will be ruined. However with MegaBox there are no such problems. The MegaBox servers are very powerful and can handle the load of so many people watching movies simultaneously on the app.

Your movie will buffer seamlessly irrespective of how old or new the movie is or how long the movie is. You will be able to watch the movie as if it is playing from a DVD that you purchased from the store. The best part is that irrespective of how many times you play the movie, you can see this here perfectly and seamlessly. You will not have any movie lagging or any problems whatsoever when you are playing your favorite movies on MegaBox. This is what makes MegaBox better than ShowBox and all the other movie apps that are available out there.

Theater Experience

If you are someone that loves watching the latest movies in the theater, then you will love MegaBox. You will get the theater movie experience without really spending the kind of money that you do in theaters. With the help of MegaBox you will get amazing sound and picture quality and if you are able to stream the movie on your big screen television, you will be able to convert your living room into a movie theater. When new movies are released you will be able to watch it on MegaBox within a couple of days. This is because MegaBox updates their library every couple of days and this will help you stay entertained.

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