Five Gadgets That Will Make Creating Your Own Videos Easier

Making your own videos without the right equipment can be an absolute nightmare. Without the right laptop, camera, and accessories – you will have an insane amount of issues, and creating your own videos will no longer be a fun, creative experience. If you are looking into becoming a filmmaker, you are going to need to have the right equipment to do the job. Here are five gadgets that will make your life so much easier as a videographer!

1. DJI Mavic Pro

To take your footage to the next level, you’ll need a drone. The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the best selling drones on the market right now. It’s small, compact size will make you think this is just a simple drone. But it is far from it. The DJI Mavic Pro is a powerful device that can fly further, smoother and longer than your average drone. With 4K video and precise hovering technology – you will create the video of your dreams. Another cool thing about the DJI Mavic Pro is that it is super easy to use. You can even control it straight from your smartphone. This drone is one that will create stunning content without a headache.

2. Focal Elear Headphones

High quality headphones are extremely important when creating your own videos. Focal Elear headphones are top of the line headphones that will help your videos come to life. Elear is the world’s first, full range and fully open back loudspeaker built into a pair of headphones. Pretty amazing. Though these are expensive headphones, they are perfect for long hours of video editing. It is important to keep in mind that these headphones do require an external DAC and a headphone amp and they cannot be plugged straight into a portable device like your iPhone or Android.

3. Google Pixel 2 XL

If you are serious about making your own videos, you may run into being in the situation where you want to film something, but you forgot your camera at home! Or you want to film something, but don’t feel like lugging around all of your video equipment. This is where the Google Pixel 2 XL comes in handy. The Google Pixel 2 is currently the best smartphone on the market. Of course, the most impressive feature on the phone is it’s camera. It is simply unmatched when comparing to other phones. The Pixel 2 has amazing stabilization technology, a wicked front camera, better audio and can film in 4k resolution. When comparing your Google Pixel 2 footage with your DSLR camera footage, it will be hard to tell the difference. This phone, without a doubt, will make your life as a filmmaker much easier, and much more fun!


4. Benro Aero 4 Video Travel Angel Tripod

Of course, to make your videos look professional – you are going to want to invest in a sturdy tripod. Benro has been making tripods since 2002. While they are still somewhat of a new company, they have already perfected the quality of their equipment. The Benro Aero 4 is a sturdy tripod that can easily fold up to a travel size to fit in your backpack, camera bag or carry on suitcase. It’s 3-lock positioning system comes in handy on uneven surfaces and will help you get the job done quickly and beautifully. It’s lightweight, which means it’s super easy to collapse down or take out when you are needing to get a shot in a hurry. At an affordable price, this tripod is great for beginner to intermediate level filmmakers who are in need of a travel-friendly, functional design.

5. Apple MacBook Pro

Of course, to create a stunning video, you will need access to editing software to edit, access social media platforms to share it, and somewhere to store all of your videos! The Apple MacBook Pro has all the bells and whistles to easily edit and store your videos. It’s fast, reliable, and definitely easy to use. This is Apple’s most powerful laptop with 8GB Ram and 256GB drive, it will take care of even the most complicated editing tasks with no problem. This is the first Apple laptop that includes the innovative Touch Bar, which has caught a lot of attention in the media. With the Apple Macbook Pro, you can download Final Cut Pro X to edit your videos. It is the friendliest editing tool with Apple software. It’s easy to use and jam packed with features that will make the possibilities for your videos endless. Though the MacBook Pro has a high price tag, it is not like the iPhones that give out after two years, and will last you for years and years to come!


With these simple gadgets, you will have everything you need to create a stunning, professional videos.  Thanks to modern technology, making high-quality videos has seriously never been easier or more accessible. All you need is a good camera, a solid editing software, a fast laptop and if you want to get fancy, a drone and a tripod will take your videos to the next level. Now, all you need is a vision. Get out there, start brainstorming and go create something beautiful.

What apps, software or devices are your favorites for creating amazing video content?  Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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