Getting into the Best Parties in Los Angeles: Secret Tips and Tricks

There are already so many things you can do on a trip to Los Angeles. Disneyland is always fascinating to visit, while the Hollywood Walk of Fame never loses its charms no matter how many times you visit the legendary spot. You can also see the beauty of LA by visiting the Griffith Observatory or take the time to see the Hollywood sign.

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Of course, LA is also famous for its vibrant night scene. Parties and events are always within walking distance no matter where you stay in the city. You can even party with the best crowds and rub shoulders with Hollywood’s finest celebrities. These secret tips and tricks will help you find – and get into – the best parties easily.

Time Your Visit

Timing is important. Timing your visit correctly could turn having a spectacular party in LA into actually partying with celebrities and the biggest stars. Being in the city on Oscar night, for example, means you get to attend some of the best public Oscar parties. Other special occasions are just as exciting.

You also want to time your attendance, especially if you’re trying to enjoy the best parties or sample several of them in one evening. You want to show up at the best parties early and secure a spot before a massive crowd takes over.

Have Fun!

You should never attend LA parties just to meet celebrities; that’s the wrong mentality to be in. You’ll be surprised by how fun and thrilling LA parties are. You can have your pictures taken at most parties thanks to the best photo booth rental Los Angeles has to offer.

There are also entertainment options like Virtual Reality (VR) and even underwater photos at some of the parties. Add a long list of great snacks, a free flow of drinks and cocktails, and hundreds of other people enjoying the thrills, and you have an exciting nightlife scene indeed. You’ll bump into celebrities all the time.

Get an Invite

Before the actual trip, try to get an invite (or invites). Showing up at a party with an invite means you don’t have to wait in line or worry about not being able to get in. This is part of the magic of Los Angeles; you can actually get invited to a celeb’s party.

The concierge service at your hotel may be able to work something out for you. You can also get invites online through listing sites and private forums. Once you know that you’ll be in Los Angeles on certain dates, you can start your search for invites immediately.

One last thing: know where to be to have the best parties. There are iconic places that you can visit without an invitation, including the world-famous Nightingale Plaza and The Mint, LA’s best classic club for those who love good (live) music and a retro ambience.

With these secret tips and tricks – well, not so secret tips now, I guess – you can add “Party Hard!” to your next LA itinerary. Don’t forget to share your wildest LA party stories and bring home some awesome photos to share.

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