7 Reasons iPhone 8 Users Shouldn’t Upgrade To iPhone X

Apple’s newest smartphone is obviously impressive and there are a number of reasons why iPhone 8 owners should remain faithful with their devices:


  1. It’s expensive: For many people, price is the most critical factor, especially because iPhone X starts at $1000. It’s a simple fact that by holding on to their iPhone 8, users are able to save hundreds of dollars, even if they are able to sell their iPhone 8 at a good price.


  1. It has the same core hardware: The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are powered with similar brains. Internally, they are all identical, despite changes in outer appearance and addition of new superficial features. All of them are powered by A11 Bionic processor, M11 motion coprocessor and neural engine. The difference is only on how the internal hardware is used. On the iPhone X, the Face ID uses the neural engine and the powerful A11 processor for the face recognition capability. All are still running the same iOS 11, which means that you won’t get much difference in terms of interface usability and functionality.


  1. Touch ID works well: Touch ID is also a biometric feature and it is a more mature technology than Face ID. It is still very unlikely for people to falsify our fingerprint. Touch ID is proven to be capable in protecting our critical information and we are able to validate Apple Pay transactions easily with it. Face ID appears to work well, but it won’t work smoothly in some situations, like in a very dark area or when we are wearing a full-face helmet. Apple argues that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID. But human face can change relatively rapidly, like when we grow a beard. It means that Face ID can end up becoming a gimmicky feature, because Touch ID is easy to use and potentially less problematic.


  1. iPhone 8 already has fast and wireless charging: With iPhone 8, you are already able to use Qi wireless and fast charging features. Your current phone is sophisticated enough and you can use it conveniently.


  1. Rear cameras are almost the same: If you own the iPhone 8 Plus, the rear-facing cameras on the iPhone X are almost identical. The dual cameras on iPhone 8 are excellent for taking photos and shooting videos. You are able to zoom closer without losing any image quality. One big difference is that the dual cameras of iPhone X includes integrated the optical image stabilization feature for telephoto mode. This allows for sharper images at higher zoom settings and low light settings. On the other hand, the OIS feature on iPhone 8 Plus only supports the wide-angle mode, just like on the previous iPhone 7 Plus.


  1. Front-facing cameras are also almost identical: The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have FaceTime ID cameras that are functionally identical to the one used on the iPhone X. They can take 7Mp images, record 1080p videos and have f/2.2 aperture. New features for front-facing camera on iPhone X are generally software-based. The iPhone X can create animated emoji based on your current facial expression. Its Portrait Lighting feature can create a dramatic effect for your selfies by removing the backgrounds. Also, the front-facing camera finally offers portrait mode. There’s a possibility that future software updates for iPhone 8 models will enable similar features.


  1. You can use iPhone 7 cases: iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 has almost similar physical dimensions. Although the iPhone 8 is nearly a millimetre thicker, longer and wider, the case for the iPhone 7 should still fit, although it will be a somewhat tighter fit. This gives you a degree of flexibility if you want to customize your iPhone 8.

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