How time tracking software can save time and enhance productivity

How time tracking software can save time and enhance productivity

If you can’t measure your productivity then you certainly cannot improve it. Whether you are a full time employee or a remote worker, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t know how productive you are at your work then there is no chance you can improve it. A few experts believe that productivity can be greatly improved if one knows how good or how bad they are at it. With the cutting edge technologies and tools that are available in the market today, you will be surprised to know that there are softwares that can actually track and record your time which can further be resulted into productivity.

There are a lot of companies that utilize timesheets for invoicing purposes. Right from an IT company to a law firm, they use the number of hours the employees have worked on specific projects to bill their clients. And it is a proven study that employees, on an average, spend nearly 12 hours every week just checking emails.

You might be surprised or shocked even both, but that is a harsh truth that most of us do not know about. However, even when an employee is talking with the client or even replying to his or her emails, that particular activity cannot be invoiced in the client’s bill. If you don’t keep a track on the activities we daily do, there will be a lot of time missed and we spend it just by checking emails and by doing other stuff. The time that is spent by the employees whether on checking emails or any other stuff that is related to client could be invoiced but later that may get you into trouble as there is a lot of chance for you to lose the client.

Knowing and understanding who you are essential clients will help you when making lucrative business decisions. Alongside, keeping a timesheet for each and every employee in your office and tracking who’s working on what project and for how long they have been working will give you better insights into the project.

Well, when it comes to enhancing productivity of your employees at your office by utilizing a software then there is only one way to do it and that is a time management software.

Time management software

A time management software can effectively increase your employees work productivity at your workplace by tracking what activities they are performing on their laptop or system and for how long they have been doing it. Whether it is logging onto well social media networking platforms, replying to an email, or working on a client project, the software records each and every activity.

Time management software is one of the work strategies that businesses can implement when it comes to the employees’ productivity. You can get a weekly or monthly timesheet and analyze the results and based on that you can make better decisions for your business.

Employees will understand how productive they are

Every employee in the office things that he or she is not wasting time and is giving his or her best but in actual it would be the other way around. Once the employee realises that they are being tracked and there every activity is being recorded then their complete works schedule will be changed. The employees who usually spends 20 minutes on a social media networking site everyday will not be even spending 5 minutes once they understand the utilisation behind the tracking software. And once the employee sees his or her result then that will completely changed their perspective towards how productively they are working.

Your clients will get the right invoice

Once you deploy the software there will be no need to explain to your client how hard you have worked to complete the project because along with the invoice you can also send them the timesheet result that the tracking software provides you. This case especially works excellent if you are dealing with clients who pay you Based on the number of hours you worked on the project. When you provide a proof of time sheet that you worked for so and so number of hours that actually kind of builds a bridge of trust between you and your client. For example, your client can get a detailed report on number of hours you spend on each of their activities like planning, designing, etc. and if your firm is related to any marketing company then that kind of timesheet provides a great support for your invoice.

You can get a clear perspective of what went wrong

Making mistakes is no big deal. At some or the other point, everyone makes mistakes.  Whether it is a slight miscommunication or any other thing, this software will provide you the details of what went wrong and at what time. Just by looking at the timesheet, you’ll understand what was the mistake and how to rectify it. This way, you can even make your clients happier and will look forward to working with you in the future.

Many companies have proved that time management software actually works

It is not you who is going to first deploy this kind of software in their office for the first time. There are various other companies who already utilised the software and witnessed the kind of benefits that it provides.

Software is deployed. Now what?

Well, instead of looking at the results of 1 or 2 months or even a small sample, you need to let the software work for at least 6 months so that you will have a clear understanding how it works and how it can be utilised to improve your business strategies. Just by looking at one time sheet and making assumptions that the employee is not working well will be not good for the company. There are some employees who quickly adapt to the new software and also others who take time. So you need to be patient.

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