A Dozen Reasons To Choose AngularJS Development For Your Next Project

A Dozen Reasons To Choose AngularJS Development For Your Next Project

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework by Google essentially used to build highly interactive Single Page Applications. The key role of this JavaScript framework is building CRUD (create/read/update/delete) applications for the client side. This structural framework is used to easily perform web and application tasks by a simple integration of various HTML codes.

AngularJS is a fairly new open source framework that executes the DOM manipulation and integrates all the essential features provided by the directive. It is largely used for making front-end development process simpler. It serves to deal with a wide range of challenges that web developers encounter. At the present time, it is well-nigh unconceivable to sidestep AngularJS development framework.

A top class AngularJS development company gets you the best solutions to build web-based apps and mobile apps. In the present day, web-based technologies such as AngularJS are amazing that help you build great interactive single page sites and web-based mobile applications in time. For that reason, let’s give you some of the compelling reasons why you should consider AngularJS, if you have not started using it already.


  1. User Interface

An AngularJS development company employs simple HTML codes to create user interfaces for websites and mobile application. HTML is comparatively easier, intuitive and never creates complexities between codes than JavaScript. It helps the AngularJS developers write complete JS codes easily and effortlessly. It makes life of a developer simple and helps him build user friendly, interactive websites and mobile applications. In view of this, AngularJS is your go to solution for lightweight websites and mobile apps which are high on functionality.


  1. MVC Design Architecture

AngularJS framework allows your project to be split up in the MVC architecture. The application is basically split into three simpler parts to for easy access and management. MVC architecture stands for Model-View-Controller wherein Model maintains the data, View displays the data and Controller connects View and Model and is responsible for the project delivery without a glitch.

Project developers at angularJS development company string the application code together to create web applications that correspond to mobile applications. This is a huge time saver in the development cycle and also reduces the app’s time to market. Therefore, use of MVC architecture makes for another good reason to choose AngularJS for your next development project.


  1. Declarative Code Style

The Declarative model is essentially used for creating patterns in AngularJS. This makes the codes more lightweight and easier to read and support. This is because the declarative model defines all the essential steps with a more ease.


  1. Require Less Coding

AngularJS framework developed by Google extends its domain from JavaScript to HTML. It is a well-known fact that writing codes is a complex overwhelming task requiring hard core coding skills. AngularJS makes web development a way stress-free process by minimizing the need for writing codes to create simple and interactive responsive web designs. All you need to do is add few attributes to HTML scripts, and voila! You have an application ready in no time.


  1. Enhance Testability of Your Software

Testing is a significant step in the software development cycle of any software project. AngularJS Development Company comes up with the unit testing setup which lets developers detect errors and code defects and thus reduce software development time. Module separation allows the users to load only the required services and execute automatic testing with no trouble. By running this system, AngularJS developers get clear insights of their development outcomes. This makes development with AngularJS the right approach for your next big project.


  1. Ensures Fast Development  

AngularJS employs MVC architecture that lets developers at AngularJS Development Company move at significantly higher speeds and deliver any project faster. Additionally, it provides quick and easy unit testing setups and maintenance services to the community of AngularJS developer. This makes AngularJS a very popular framework among the web and app developer groups.


  1. Modularity

Modularity in AngularJS is a big plus which lends it superior architecture, functionality and flexibility. Developers at AngularJS Development Company split up a single application in multiple modules improving the workflow and the end result. Each module hinges on on the other and can be further combined to run the complete application. This one is a big plus of AngularJS which naturally by design lets it automatically find when an additional module should be added and in turn binds it to the other application modules developed in parallel.


  1. Two Way Data Binding

AngularJS framework has this amazing two-way data binding feature as an open source platform. Simply put, whenever the framework meets different browser events, and module reworks and user modifies the page, it straightaway updates the corresponding changes. Results are basically described with the model state terms and there is absolutely no need to use low level constructions. This makes it a much loved framework by the developers on the web these days.


  1. Effective Use of Filters

Filters have a significant role in the software development process. They are a great way to organize stored data in AngularJS responsive design. Basically, these framework filters act as sifter of data before they reach the view. AngularJS directory has a range of different filters such as Date, Number, Uppercase, Lowercase, LimitTo, OrderBy and several others. This is very handy when presenting large pieces of data to a user. Additionally, these filters also add formatting decimal places on a number, reversing the order of any range and filtering an array regarding on a parameter or implementing pagination. This makes it very useful in creation of the database search functionality. In addition to these filters you can create your own set of filters by simply registering a new filter factory.


  1. Use of Custom Directives

AngularJS platform employs HTML language extended with directives for website and mobile application development. Custom directives are help developers embed extra functionality to the HTML without any complication. This means a developer can practically add unlimited elements to the HTML.

Developers create their own HTML customer directives keeping focus on creating logics. This cuts down the unnecessary operation flab, optimizes operations and increase4 productivity. Additionally, these custom directives can be reused increasing the code readability which is essential for quality coding.


  1. SPA Oriented Features

AngularJS framework has a lot of SPA (Single Page Application) features. Due to this it gets easier to create and control online forms. This enables a faster workflow for the entire team making the process easier to accomplish. Developers essentially have more control over form validation capabilities.


  1. An Expanded Community Base

AngularJS is a Google product, therefore, directly benefits from it in the form of a huge community. The support comes from highly talented core development team as well as the users who take part in fixing and improving resources in this open source framework. There is never a crunch of resources and support for an AngularJS development company. Additionally, many conferences and community meetings are held every year across the globe to discuss and promote AngularJS.

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