5 Tips That Will Make You a Better HTML5 Coder

HTML is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, and the addition of CSS has made styling even easier to achieve. HTML5 is now one of the most used programming languages when it comes to web development as it offers many features that enable developers to create their own applications with ease. Developers will always create their own applications in different ways, but if you are looking to become a better HTML5 developer, have a look at the below five tips that will help you.

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1. Use A Professional Web Development Editor

Many developers still choose to use programs such as Notepad for HTML5 and Angular 2 Development, but there are many other web development editors out there that will make your web development experience much easier. Using programs like Notepad++ instead of standard editors would be the much better option as it comes with many features that make development much more efficient.

2. Cleaner Code

Learning to code in HTML5 is one thing, but making sure your code is as clean as possible will make development easier, and it will also give you the chance to update your applications with new features in the future. Cleaner code will also make applications faster which is always important when it comes to professional websites, as websites that load slow will likely be visited a lot less, and search engines may penalize you.

3. Well Commented Code

As well as keeping your code clean, it’s very important to comment your code is organized just so you know what to look for in the future. With the introduction of HTML5 sections such as headers and footers, it’s much easier to keep code together, but it’s still wise to leave comments not just for your own benefit, but for other developers that may need to edit code in the future.

4. Read HTML5 Documentation in Detail

Development with HTML5 will be as easy as you make it and if you don’t spend the time looking at the official HTML5 documentation you can be sure you are going to be developing applications using more code than you need to. HTML5 now comes with a lot of new features that developers don’t know about which is why it’s wise to stay up to date with any new changes and features.

5. Follow the Latest Web Standards

This would be an obvious tip to consider but it’s important your code follows the latest web standards. This will not only make you a better coder that can develop applications with clean code, but it will also point you in the direction of learning new code and HTML5 features. There are many tools you can use to verify your code meets the latest web standards, and many of them will advise you on how you can change your code to make the application more user-friendly.

The above tips will certainly make you a better developer and implementing them will also enable you to develop HTML5 applications much easier. It’s important for any application to be built with clean code in mind as that will make further updates of the application a lot quicker, and if you spend the time in keeping your code clean, there isn’t a lot you can do wrong when coding with HTML5.

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