Writing a professional SEO and sales content on local market

Since I have been working in seo bussines now for three years on a daily content creation basis, I think I have some useful info I can share with you regarding creation of a valuable content for your customers.

I am also running a personal SEO blog for Slovenian digital marketeers, although it is not my primary occupation. I am a salesman selling through web furniture to slovenian market.

For last three years I have been specialized to write a perfect content specially for slovenian buyers of furniture, and specially for slovenian buyers of wardrobes with sliding doors by measure.

Since all my web projects (excpet learning ones) were once already first on Google, I would like to share some of my latest experiences what makes a great content to rank it better.

I am writing a content on a daily basis. That is my first rule.

Second – I changed my writings from SEO writings to user friendly writings. It means I don’t care so much about SEO anymore as I used to, not my writings are focused on delivering usable content to my readers.

It gernerally means that I am writing about what I am thinking. I am not trying to make sales through my writings anymore.

Also, when writing, I try to make it simple, understandable and easy to read. It means to use as many paragraphs as it is useful and to bold and italic only what needs to be bold. Not just everything or anchors.

With a promoting of a content I don’t use social media. Because I believe social media is for fun and to socialize – not for bussines.

Instead, I am betting all my efforts into creation of a content and to find relevant links to my work.

Although it might seems in many cases my links are not relevant to texst I am writing about (this is also case in this post).

My latest achievement is a blog about sliding doors wardorbes, which ranks third on a first site of Google and it gives app. 50 inquaries per month (on 1900 keyword volume search).

That, by average 2,5% realization of sales, covers app. 400€ every second month.

Link to this e project is this: http://www.vgradneomare.eu/

Far bigger project, with slightly different purpose is slovenian largest site for joiners. There are many different joiners on it and there I create content for them. I am also regulary publishing my results for all my projects on my personal blog. But, after one years, already 30 slovenian joiners have jouned the community. I guess somethin must be than done right.

Regards, Matija, Slovenia

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