LG G3: The Road To Success Of LG

LG G3 has one of the best display, inbuilt technology and design. It was one of the most famous phones of 2014.

If we talk about the features of this LG Phone, as most of the manufacturers are moving towards non-removable battery. LG still provided a removable battery. After removing the rear cover we see NFC antenna on the inner part of it, as well as open access to slots microSIM, microSD and a removable battery at 3000 mAh.

Needless to say that the build quality of the smartphone is at the highest level, in any case, note that moment to make it perfectly clear in the picture describing LG G3. The gaps between the parts are simply not available. In terms of design LG G3 is attractive, both the form and detail. Every bend finely calculated. The device looks very harmonious and stylish. The combination of materials used and their quality is also worthy of praise.

LG G3 SOf course, the metal fans will be disappointed. Unfortunately, there is no metal is there. But conventional mass buyer should stay happy practical, non-staining, but at the same time stylish body of LG G3. And another distinct advantage housing of LG G3 – even though it looks like a metal, but it can lick the cold winter and the language does not stick to the cold cap. With regard to usability, After the G2, you would not feel the difference. Perhaps, G3 somehow even better in the hand due to more elaborate forms of the back cover. In general, using with a hand doesn’t cause much discomfort for those who like shovels. In contrast, LG G3 is compact enough. This is the most compact flagship with a screen 5.5″ from all available in the mass market.

LG G3 comes with IPS-screen of Quad HD resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels and a density of 538 ppi. Of course, on the paper have impressive numbers. Producer confidence in their asset earns marketing trick. In addition, LG can amuse vanity and establish in its technological superiority over some competitors. But here is whether there is a real consumer benefits from this screen? To be honest, we do not understand why it was necessary to install a screen in the new smartphone. Perhaps someone will call us a reactionary. But, in our opinion – a significant difference with Full HD nobody will notice without special equipment. Personally, we have not noticed any peer into the screen LG G3 and G2, trying to see the advantage of the increased pixel density.

LG G3 is real success of smartphone market of LG in the year 2014 and this year LG would like to repeat the history with the upcoming LG G4 and we have a question, would G4 be comparable to upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release.

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