The most effective ways to augment blog traffic

While it is pretty easy to create a blog, we cannot say the same about creating a successful blog. Traffic is one of the most significant parameters, which measures the success of your blog. The more people visit your blog and reads it, the more will they be reading your ideas. If you are expecting to earn some money off your blog, you need to have enough traffic on the same. The goal of any blog is generally for readers to click, share and read. This can benefit you tremendously in the long run in several ways. Following are given fifteen important tips for increasing the required traffic on your blog:
1. A catchy title- the title of your blog is one of the initial things that a visitor notices. It also is one of the features which the search engine uses to decide what your blog focusses on. The title of the blog must allow readers to know straight away what the content of your blog is about. It must be easy to recollect, not very long, and not too related to some other website’s name.
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2. Post content regularly- if you post on your blog once, and then forget it for a long time, this is not going to help increase your traffic. When readers adore your blog and come back for more, you must have something fresh and interesting at your disposal to keep them hooked.
3. Focusing on the target viewers- it is important that you focus on a particular target reader, which will make up the main audience. By having specific content instead of broad, nebulous content, your target readers will possibly become recurring readers, and will share your blog on a consistent basis.
4. Adding images- you must always use photos with each blog that you write. The images attract attention, and there is more possibility of reading a blog with pictures than otherwise.
5. Publish contents which are rich in keywords- Include sufficient amount of keywords into your blog, the similar ones a viewer may hunt for on a search engine site.
6. A guest blogger- inviting a guest blogger is the most wonderful way to increase traffic to your blog. The guest bloggers will post the link of your blog on theirs, carrying in a complete swing of new readers who else might not have found you.
7. Using social media to support your blog- taking help of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great means to promote your blog. There are millions of users on these sites and will be an amazing addition to your readership.
8. Having a sharing button for social media on your blog- You have written and published content that is amazing. But if you make it tough for individuals to share on the social media then it will still be amazing but unseen. You should make it visible and simple to share with just few clicks.
9. Write content that will last longer- you must not always write for items that are ‘breaking-news’. Write blogs on topics that are ever popular, so that it does not become irrelevant easily.
10. Commenting on other blogs- you must comment on various blogs that are similar to yours. This will help you in getting more traffic. Generally, a first comment on any blog gets the most attention.
11. Reply to each comment- you must try to reply to each and every comment on your blog. It assists in building an association between you and your readers.
12. Amazing content- even if the design of your blog is breath taking, people will only stick around if the content on your blog is worth reading.
13. Design- the main thing people notice while visiting a blog apart from its title, is the way it is designed. It should be attractive and pleasant.
14. Sharing your blog more than once- sharing once is not enough. You should share it multiple times as there might be many readers who missed it the first time.
15. A business card- having a business card for your blog is a new concept but very popular. You can promote your blog this way by including your blog URL.

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