How effective presentation technology can improve your business

Meeting Room Presentation Technology; So Many Benefits!

As a business owner, one of the things you are expected to do regularly is chair or organise meetings. These meetings may be for your staff, or to land new business. Regardless of what the meeting is for, you will need a presentation system to get your points across to stakeholders.

In the past, the most common way of running such presentations was connecting your computer to a projector; do you remember overhead projectors? That kind of presentation setup is now outdated, and doesn’t fit to the new presentation trends of interaction, collaboration and dialogue. If you want to improve the impact of your presentations, you need to embrace new and effective presentation technologies.

Here are a few reasons why you should use the new wave of presentation tools.

Connection between speaker and audience

For most people doing presentations the old way, there is the risk of relying too much on the setup, and in the process alienating their audience. An honest assessment of your past presentations may identify that most of the time you are looking at the projection screen, and basically reading off it instead of engaging with your audience. Rather than making use of the space, and moving round the room, you may remained close to the setup, to make it all that bit easier. In most cases standing still and staring at a projector is not engaging.

With new presentation technology, you can change your whole delivery style. Specialised tools allow you to connect to the screen wirelessly with controls placed at your fingertips. Instead of only working off your computer screen you can use your tablet, enabling better audience engagement.



How many times have you had to wait for minutes for projector drivers to complete installation before you get on with a meeting? It is even worse when people with different computers have to use the projector at one point or the other during the presentation. There will always be some time lag for the projector to install drivers, and in some cases installations fail. This is sure fire way to create a bad image, stifle creativity and lose stakeholder engagement.

High tech projections systems, such as those supplied by the respected UK supplier Videonations, reduce the likelihood of technological failure during presentations. Computers, tablets
and mobiles can connect to the display screen by a variety of means, with very little “connection time”; miliseconds in some cases. This ensures you don’t have to spend un-necessary meeting time setting up, and workers don’t have to go out of their way to get meeting materials transferred to a “compatible computer”.

A modern setup will also give you the ability to get smartphones even more involved in your business, enabling people to interact with presentation material on their smaller screens. If you don’t use your smartphone enough in business then read this to find out how your mobile can help you with work. In the UK, and around the world, we have a love affair with smartphone. Get staff using their smartphones to interact with you and you will increase engagement; just make sure they aren’t watching YouTube instead of watching you.

Enhance your business image

One of the first things people notice when they come into your office is your technology. That is one of the reasons so many companies are installing digital signage in their headquarters. If you have a state of the art presentation room, you are going to leave a lasting impression on those you present to!

These are just some of the ways that investing in your meeting rooms can improve your business. Speak to a provider and discuss your needs. With the quality of the new technology out there you may be surprised at how efficient your meetings could be.

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