Top 10 Android Apps to Your Lock Screen

With flexible customization capabilities, the Android platform so you can reach very experienced, deeply embedded in the system, changing almost everything, and lock screen too. Unlike iOS, you can change the frequency of disease revolves around what this operating system, delete system apps, additional custom install so many different interfaces, including the interface (Home Launcher), even lock screen. Here are the top 10 apps clock screen invite you to check out:

1 – Active Clockscreen:
Active lock screen supports fast access to applications. Users will easily go straight to the application you need without having to open the lock screen. Such as the dialler, camera, e-mail applications. With some keyboard shortcuts to the contacts, it show full of calls recently. Besides, Active lockscreen also offers a variety of different topics.

2 – Go Locker:
Brand “Go” cover Launcher (Host interface), Dialler (Call), Messages , Locker (lock screen) certainly no stranger to Android users today. Go Locker also supports keyboard shortcuts to quickly access the call log, text messages, music player. In addition, this application can display weather, helping secure better equipment when using encryption pin, scan gesture. Go Locker with so many themes, appeared on Play Store app store.
3 – Magic Locker:
One of the lockscreen app has most of the download current. Like its name, Magic Locker with a lot of custom, both internal and external aspects. As you can see, it could spell your Android device back to the original interface, unlock the iPhone, or the same as on HTC Sense. Magic Locker supports gestures security scan.
4 – Holo Locker:
If you are a user who likes simplicity, lightness, less customization. Holo would be the appropriate choice of you. It is designed interface is quite similar to “pure” Google. Holo little support options, such as hiding the status bar, change fonts background. Thus, Holo consistent with many Android products. For the paid version, Holo will display the number of unread emails, text messages, missed calls, and lets you change the screen background.
5 – MXLocke:
MXLock give users : plenty of themes cute, colourful, more suitable for young people, especially women. Of course, it does not lack the common features as enabled phone, SMS, camera app without having to unlock.
6 – Widget Locker Lock Screen:
Think of the application name, you can easily figure out its outstanding features. In fact, this app is heavy on functionality rather than design. You can put applications out custom screen lock, more convenient when adjusting brightness, on / off the alarm, access Google Play store by crossing. You can also see the weather on this application.

7 – Windows 8 Lock Screen:
Windows 8 lock screen “clones” in the design of the current Windows Phone devices. Wallpapers are blurred, stand out the required information as the date, the time, missed calls, unread messages or information charging the battery. Surely you would prefer a simple style, not least of professional applications.
8 – C Locker:
In addition to the common features such as quick access to applications, C Locker also includes channels RSS feed, helping users easily get more information from highlighting events in Calendar, reminder, and more. Create function for the volume keys to switch tracks, instead of just up and down like before.
9 – Sparky:
You’re looking for a LockScreen app with its beautiful design, different from the lockscreen app now. Sparky will be the right replacement therapy. Still features include quick access to messaging, camera, watch battery, missed calls, messages. Interface Sparky promises to bring to your Android device a different state.
10 – MiLocker:
MiLocker is finally Lock Screen pattern that I want to mention. Designed by the project developer in MIUI, MiLocker supported with many themes, user-friendly interface, easy to use. MiLocker will surely make you happy, like what MIUI ROM has been made ​​in recent years.

Author-Bio: Am Maria Mcquire, an author by profession born and brought-up in UK. Am a writer and an avid blogger as well, I could pen down on any topic I come across. As For now am doing research on Phone Systems.


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