What is vray for exterior

VRay is a special rendering software that can be used with other 3D software such as Studio Max, Maya, and Sketchup.
The main characteristic of VRay is a photo-realistic look of the scenery you are creating that can be used to bettering your 3D architectural or engineering design process. It can also used with 3D animation as it is compatible with those kind of programs. In the design field, it’s a pretty important software as it has a wide choice of lighting sets, materials and textures. You do not need VRay just to render your image, but also to create fully detailed innovative designs. There are many ways to use VRay and to integrate the rendering in the creation process.
With VRay for exterior you can adjust the seasonal lighting condition of a particular scene so to allow you to give a more innovative solution to your design. You can adjust the exterior lighting also with other software, but VRay goes further: with VRay you can also choose which hour of the day or night you want to put in your image and which kind of weather conditions, too.
VRay mapping tools can help you to give your scenery a better context: when you present a plan or you work on a 3D animation, one of the most important things is the context in which the scenery is evolving. A good innovative design must take into account the surrounding scene in which the object is immersed.
That is what makes unique your work and what give character to your features and objects. VRay has a wide textural gallery that allows to reproduce correctly a complex context using textures such as grass, stone, water and so on.
Of course, you can render every single element, whatever its texture or material will be: so, with VRay rendering it will be easy to give a realistic output to our wood elements, or to the water, the metal we use in the design or the stone. We can also use it with glass, giving our scene an amazing finishing. Whatever is your field, from architecture to movie-animation, VRay is the best software you can use to give your works a unique and innovative end. The quality of your projects will increase dramatically and also the quality of your working time, as this software is light and easy to use.

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